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SightSpaceStation AR PRO

2.99 usd

Most intuitive satellite tracker to sight International Space Station(ISS), Iridium flares, Tiangong1 and others using AR,augmented reality technology. simulates a way of satellite on top of reality through the camera and map.Not only satellites,planets,fixed stars,galaxies,black hole,spacecrafts(Voyager1, Voyager2, New Horizons etc.),tweets and even world cities are shown as if earth was transparent.Displaying geostationary orbits will also be very helpful when you adjust a parabolic dish antenna.It connects Twitter too. So you can share excitements of finding satellites and weather conditions with others all over the world.
LITE edition with Ads and without Iridium flares is available.
* Simulates way of satellite on top of the camera view and the map.* Displays orbits and current positions of satellites and users' messages on the world map.* Satellite prediction calendar* Displays fixed stars, galaxies, a black hole, spacecrafts, geostationary orbits and cities through Earth over the camera view (You can choose visibilities of each layers)* Displays Iridium flare centres on map* Supports offline* Newly launched satellites will be added automatically* Sends notification 1 hour before each pass
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.